BREAKING NEWS: Centaur Club Superheroes Spotted in Hollywood


Julia (front, left) pictured with fellow interns (from L to R) Alexandra, Alan, and Lillian.

Last Saturday, members of an elite squad of superheroes assembled for an afternoon of food, games, and ice-breaking activities. Who are these superheroes and why were they neglecting their duties to attend a mid-day party on Sunset Boulevard?

These superheroes are all members of Centaur Club, a group of 826LA’s most dedicated and active volunteers. Confession time: they aren’t really superheroes (that I know of), but they are heroes to the kids they work with. These volunteers are regularly seen at 826LA’s various programs, including After-School Tutoring, Field Trips, In-School projectsWorkshops, and chapbook publications. As 826LA’s current Volunteer Outreach intern, I have had the privilege of meeting many of these volunteers and witnessing their talents over a range of programs. From the inspiring tutors who return every week, providing consistency and routine in the lives of our students, to the masterful illustrators who bring words to life in our student publications, our volunteers are the heroes that 826LA calls upon to provide services to students.


(From L to R) Volunteer Manager Lauren, Manual Arts In-School Assistant T, and Volunteer Coordinator Mariesa thanking our many volunteers!

At this year’s Centaur Club party, over 80 volunteers gathered at NerdMelt (Nerdist’s showroom at Meltdown Comics) to enjoy game shows, a touching yet hilarious video from students, many different varieties of salsa from CaCao Mexicatessen, and tearful speeches from 826LA Volunteer Manager Lauren Humphrey and Volunteer Coordinator Mariesa Kubasek. Highlights from the afternoon included watching game-show contestants battle it out rock-paper-scissors style to determine who would answer quiz questions, and hearing volunteers try to describe their favorite moment at 826LA in 8.26 seconds. Our superheroes could also time-travel by stepping into the #CENTAURCLUB2016 photo booth.

It was a pleasure for me to attend this event and walk amongst superheroes. By the time people began to leave, I could see their capes fluttering behind them.


Each volunteer went home with a certificate of achievement, among other cool prizes (like Amoeba gift cards!).

The world can always use more superheroes. To become a member of Centaur Club and attend future events, become a volunteer today!

Special thanks to NerdistMeltdown ComicsAmoeba MusicCaCao Mexicatessen, and Scout Notebooks for supplying us with great spaces, prizes, and food.

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