Time Travel Mart Artist in Residence Program

 We are currently accepting applications for our spring 2019 window!

At the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, even our most forward-looking decor sometimes becomes outdated. It is time for us to redo our lovely storefront window display, and we want YOU to help!

To create a whimsical and inviting visual experience that lures visitors into the store and introduces them to our writing programs, while giving new artists a chance to broaden their audience and partner with us in designing a world of their creation!

Visually attractive design
Must appeal to residents of Echo Park, tourists, and shoppers
Enticing and age-appropriate for local students and their families
Design incorporates time travel and or creative writing themes
Must be specifically configured for the window space.
Artist must be in Los Angeles to install and uninstall the display

826LA will provide a $300 materials budget
Artist in residence can utilize 826LA’s partnerships with some of LA’s top prop houses for set dressing and props
Display will be up for 3 months (and are changed seasonally)

Please note that the artist will be volunteering their time and talents to create this display, and will receive bragging rights, social media attention, and the adoration of 826LA staff and students as well as Time Travel Mart swag in return.

 We are currently accepting applications for our spring 2019 window!

If interested you can reach out to Carinne (Store Manager) at Carinne@826LA.org , and Rachel (Designer) at Rachel@826LA.org.

Please submit the following via email:
– artist contact info, email & phone number
– your website/social media—anything to show us the work you have done in the past
– brief artist statement (200 words)
– brief description of design theme and how it relates to 826LA and the Time Travel Mart, creative writing, and season
– 2-3 visual reference images or drawings to explain proposed design
– seasonal preference (fall, winter, spring, or summer)


See their work here.

Madison GirifalcoYeti to Party
Evi ElliasGarden of Knowledge
Kelly SheridanSpace to Read
Rraine Hanson, Food for Thought
Hannah Hiler, The Time Terminal