Student Writing Gallery

Student Writing: Luisa’s “The Band”

My favorite activity is to put signs outside with my sister that say we are going to make a band. The song we’ll sing is “Best Day of My Life.” That is one of my favorite songs. Emily helped a … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “Feel Better Larry” & Other Poems for a Llama Missing the Mountains

As we eagerly anticipate the first Field Trip of the new year here in Mar Vista, we look back at one of the last books written from last year in this latest installment of Field Trip Book of the Week. Ms. Danieri … read more

Student Writing: Mia’s “Welcome to the Neighborhood!”

Welcome to my neighborhood! In my neighborhood there are a lot of cats in the garden. One day we found baby kittens and we gave them milk because they looked hungry and we couldn’t find the mom cat so we … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “World War Cheese”

For the first week of programming in 2016, the Echo Park writing lab opened its doors to Ms. Brown’s 6th grade class from Extera Public School. Students joined us to learn about writing in the second person, creating a story, and publishing … read more

Student Writing: Jason’s “Never Regret”

My name is Jason Lee. I have lived for fifteen years and was raised in Los Angeles. I was born in a hospital located within Garden Grove on September 25, 1999. Although I may or may not have lived long … read more

Imagine your favorite homework assignment

Ysabelle, age 12, has been fine-tuning her writing skills and using her imagination at 826LA for the past six years: first through 826LA’s After-School Tutoring program, and now as a student in Tuesday/Thursday Night Tutoring. Creativity is something we cherish at … read more

Student Writing: Germany’s “Lunch Fight”

One day me and my friends were eating lunch until my spoon fell on a girl’s hair and the girl threw tomato sauce on a girl. And a boy said, “Food fight!” We had a mess and the principal made … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “Joe and Jordan’s Archaeology Expedition”

Ms. Brown and her fourth graders had been studying archaeology in their classroom before making the journey to 826LA and walking through the doors of Barnacle & Barnacle Publishers. What they had been learning seems to have snuck its way … read more

Student Writing: Ashla’s “Venice Beach, California”

The salty sea air of Venice Beach, California drifts through the beach town’s streets and past my window. The sun is covered in gloomy marine-layer this morning, like every morning, until the warmth of the afternoon burns through the grey. … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “Feel Better, Molly! & Other Poems”

In this Field Trip Book of the Week, we’d like to highlight one of our favorite field trip lessons: the Well-Wishing & Poetry-Writing Field Trip! Students from grades 2 through 5  join us on this field trip to write poems … read more