Student Writing Gallery

Summer Writing Series: Joon’s “How to Survive a Road Trip Across America!”

Road trips are a mysterious experience. Often times, the ride is a path to boredom. Other times, there might be an intriguing attraction to see. But all road trips have something in common: They always have one moment that goes … read more

Katherine’s “Review of 826LA”

826LA is a great place to learn and meet new people. The people there are really helpful and nice. They spend their time here just to help us. They encourage me and all of us here because they help us … read more

Summer Writing Series: Arianna’s “Horoscopes”

Aries  March 21-April 19 You will find a thousand bucks on the floor when you’re walking to Starbucks and you’ll go on the best shopping spree of your life. You will catch and turn in the dentist who killed Cecil … read more

Victor’s “Journey to Mount Olympus” from “Viva Mar Vista” Vol. 3, Issue 7

My name is Zodiac, and I dare to look for Zeus, the supreme god of the Olympians. I’m excited for this adventure, but this could be dangerous. I’m here on Mount Olympus climbing to the top to search for Zeus. … read more

Summer Writing Series: Sherilyn’s “A Day At the Zoo”

English Language Learner camper Sherilyn created this wordless comic entitled, A Day of the Zoo. Sherilyn explains, “People go the zoo to watch snakes, tigers, and fish. Then they leave.” Nicely done, Sherilyn! Want to help students express themselves through … read more

Summer Writing Series: Stephanie’s “States of Matter”

What is the difference between water, steam, and ice? The difference is that water is wet and ice is cold and steam is hot or warm. When you boil water it becomes steam, and when you freeze water it becomes … read more

Estefania’s “Frida Kahlo” from “Viva Mar Vista” Vol. 3, Issue 7

This is a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo, who was born in Mexico City and lived from 1907 to 1954. Frida got her painting skills from her grandfather, who was German. Her father was German but her mother was Mexican. The … read more

Summer Writing Series: Sergio’s “Mark the Mountain”

This is Mark the Mountain. His best friend is Tony the Bird. Together, they talk about how awesome it would be to travel to different places. Mark is happiest when it rains a lot so he could drink water, and … read more

Summer Writing Series: Mally’s “Dear Mr. Cheeseburger”

All summer long we’ll be sharing some student writing from our five-week English Language Learner Camp. This piece, written during Food Week by eight-year-old Mally, who is attending camp at our Echo Park center, is a letter to her favorite … read more

Evelyn’s “I Want a Sister (And and iPhone)” from “Our Mascot Means Brave and Courage”

I want to have a little sister so I could play with her. And so I could carry her and so I could show her how to talk. If I had an iPhone, I would play the iPhone so she … read more