GOOD Profiles 826LA Volunteers Rebecca McTavish and Muffy Marracco

“826LA: Find a Fun and Easy Way to Make a Difference in Your Community” GOOD March 31, 2015 Rebecca McTavish & Muffy Marracco, 826LA volunteers since 2014: We at 826LA believe we are allies and a support to students who … read more

Gap Inc.’s Do More Blog Tackles 826LA’s Field Trips and Young Authors’ Book Project

“826 Invites Young Writers to Tackle Race Issues” Do More By Courtlin Byrd February 14, 2015 An aspiring writer nervously awaits the results of his publisher’s critique. His publisher, Mr. Barnacle, is widely known as an ornery old man. But after … read more

ParentPick LA’s Spotlight on 826LA: Writing, Reading, Tutoring & and Unique Shopping in L.A.

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826LA’s Formula of Homework, Reading and Writing Featured in ‘Los Angeles Times’

“After-school literacy tutoring program is a big assist to youngsters” Los Angeles Times By Sarah Parvini December 7, 2014 On a recent weekday in the back of the Time Travel Mart in Echo Park, about 40 students were diligently doing … read more

‘GOOD Magazine’ Highlights 826LA’s Fifth Annual Great L.A. Personal Statement Weekend

“Learning to Tell Their Own Stories to Better Their Futures” Good Magazine By Manuel Rapada November 19, 2014 Marilyn Ortega could use a binder. She laughs awkwardly as she pages through transcripts, letters, and other loose papers in her lavender … read more

826LA Listed As an ‘Awesome Volunteer Opportunity for Angelenos Looking to Give Something Back’

“16 Awesome Volunteer Opportunities in Los Angeles for Angelenos Looking to Give Something Back” We Like L.A. By Sina Lewis November 5, 2014 8. 826LA 826LA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their … read more

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826LA Dubbed a ‘Wallet-Friendly’ Activity for Kids

“Wallet-Friendly Activities – Free Enrichment Activities for Kids in Los Angeles” ParentPick September 18, 2014 FREE READING & WRITING ACTIVITIES 826LA All year round 826LA offers FREE workshops, one-on-one tutoring, book production/publication and a program that offers elementary kids additional … read more

TimeOut Gives a Nod to “Let’s Do the Time Warp” Dance-a-thon

“Things to Do: 826LA 10th Anniversary Dance-a-thon” TimeOut By Amanda Montell September 9, 2014 826LA may be a literary education nonprofit, but it’s a fun literary education nonprofit (with a Time Travel Mart), so for the organization’s tenth anniversary, they’re … read more

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