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#826LACelebratesHistory: Samantha Olmos’ “Beyond the Status Quo”

In the school textbooks that we read, historians and educators don’t go into a deeper context of this particular fight for equality in education, and for citizens. Even though there are many diverse groups of people in Orange County, some might think of only one … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Robert Bustos’ “A Strong United People Can Have Their Voices Heard”

Mr. Garza and Mr. Roura got my attention due to the fact that they were teachers at Mendez and they participated in the Walkouts. Mr. Garza was a freshman student when he walked out. When I was a freshman, I … read more

Meet 826LA’s Winter Interns in Echo Park

Learn more about our winter interns below and say hi to them next time you’re in Echo Park!  Laine Carillo graduated with a degree in German Language and Literature from California State University, Long Beach. On rare gloomy and rainy days … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Madison Ramirez’ “Book Covers”

My parents left me when I was six months old. They were drug addicts and alcoholics, and they couldn’t provide for me. My mom is from San Diego, and my dad is from Michoacan. My dad got in trouble with … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Ashley Lopez’ “Through His Eyes”

Through His Eyes is a fictional piece written by Mendez High School student Ashley Lopez. As I learned about Gonzalo Mendez’s strike against Westminster, I knew that this had been the change we were all waiting for. That as men of … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Yareli Rojas’ “Legacy”

Imagine you are living in the 1940s in Orange County. What would you do if your daughter asked you, “Why do people treat us as if we are not humans, but animals not worth talking to?” How would you respond? … read more

Student Writing: Luisa’s “The Band”

My favorite activity is to put signs outside with my sister that say we are going to make a band. The song we’ll sing is “Best Day of My Life.” That is one of my favorite songs. Emily helped a … read more

Seeing with Sound: A Workshop with KCRW

On January 23rd, 826LA received a visit from author and radio producer, Eric Drachman, whose infatuation with sound runs deep. His children’s picture books all include an audio dramatization of the story, including sound effects, page turns, and kids playing the … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: “We Are Alive When We Speak for Justice”, Introduction by the Student Editorial Board

In 1946, a Latino family in Orange County took the lead in combating school segregation. Twenty-two years later, a group of students in East LA continued that fight by organizing walkouts to protest unequal opportunities in the schools. Today, our … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: “We Are Alive When We Speak for Justice”, Foreword by Sylvia Mendez

February 18, 2016 marks the 70th anniversary of the day that Los Angeles District Judge McCormick first ruled in favor of the students and families in the historic Mendez v. Westminster case that ended segregation within California schools. Last spring, … read more