826LA Headlines

Students Leave Fifth Annual Great L.A. Personal Statement Weekend Feeling Empowered

My first teacher was Ms. Chacon. She was kind when we scraped our knees during recess, and patient when we colored outside the lines. I resolved that some day I would be as gentle and caring as the pretty lady … read more

826LA Is Turning 10, and So Is Jose C.!

826LA isn’t the only one celebrating a 10th birthday this year. Our student, Jose C., who attends after-school tutoring in Mar Vista, is celebrating his 10th birthday today, November 26. We talked with the birthday boy about his big day, … read more

TNT Students Present “DNA Looks Like a Ladder But It Is Twisted”

Last week we celebrated the release of the Fall 2014 TNT chapbook, DNA Looks Like a Ladder But It Is Twisted. Students wrote about a variety of topics, with no particular theme running throughout the book. One of the main focuses … read more

Meet the Time Travel Mart Staff: Christian Tovar-Valles

Ever wonder who the friendly folks are who greet you in the Time Travel Mart? We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of these awesome 826LA staffers: Christian Tovar-Valles. You can find him behind the counter in the Mar Vista … read more

Partners in Time: Celebrate After-School Tutoring’s First Publication of the Year!

Attention all Partners in Time members! We’re celebrating the publication of I Found The Lion in the Parking Lot, a new book written by students from 826LA’s After-School Tutoring program. Partners in Time members are invited to join us for this special book release party! … read more

Partners in Time: After-Hours Holiday Shopping on December 11 in Mar Vista and December 12 in Echo Park

The Echo Park and Mar Vista Time Travel Marts welcome our Partners in Time members for two special evenings of holiday shopping. Enjoy holiday goodies, free gift wrapping, and your member discount while mingling with fellow 826LA supporters. We’ve got the perfect gift for everyone on … read more

“GOOD Magazine” Highlights 826LA’s Fifth Annual Great L.A. Personal Statement Weekend

“Learning to Tell Their Own Stories to Better Their Futures” Good Magazine By Manuel Rapada November 19, 2014 Marilyn Ortega could use a binder. She laughs awkwardly as she pages through transcripts, letters, and other loose papers in her lavender … read more

Officer Pulido Connects With Students at Manual Arts High

A familiar face to the students and faculty of Manual Arts Senior High School, Officer Paul Pulido of the Los Angeles School Police Department has left a mark upstairs in the College Center volunteering with 826LA. 826LA is wrapping up … read more

826LA’s Celebrating 10 Years, and So Are Marisa and Jorge!

826LA isn’t the only one celebrating 10 years! Our very own Marisa Urrutia Gedney, Director of Education in Echo Park, and her partner Jorge Alonso Segura, a teacher and longtime 826LA volunteer, just celebrated their 10-year anniversary on November 1 … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “The First Day: Misadventures in Middle School”

We are proud to present the latest installment of our Field Trip Book of the Week series: a Choose Your Own Adventure masterpiece, written by students from Clover Avenue Elementary School. We offer teachers we’ve worked with in the past … read more