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826LA Turns 10: An Interview With Executive Director Joel Arquillos

Ambassador. Motivator. Liaison. Executive Director: all titles worn proudly–and well–by Joel Arquillos. Since joining 826LA in August 2008, Arquillos has seen the organization grow from a staff of five to 20-plus, as well as fostered authentic relationships with the families … read more

Roar Shack Presents: Ghost on the Shore, A Very Special Horror Show in Echo Park on February 8, 2015

Join us on February 8 for Roar Shack:  Ghost on the Shore, A Very Special Horror Show Celebrating Women in Horror!  Roar Shack is a collective of writers and artists, and over the coming months we’re going to bring you … read more

Budding Bibliophiles Take Home Their Very Own Books

Do you remember the first books that you owned? Last Saturday, young readers in our Barnacle’s Bookworms workshop took home some special books donated by the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation through the “A Book Just For Me!” program. “When I … read more

Mentoring Month: The Support Is Mutual

In high school, I hid my face under a head of unruly curls. In my oversized Dickies jeans, I navigated the world self-consciously, afraid to perpetrate my idiosyncrasies and being judged. I never told anyone of my love for Mexican … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “Ava’s Chamber Lockdown”

We are proud to present this latest installment of our Field Trip Book of the Week series: a Storytelling & Bookmaking masterpiece, written by students from MacArthur Park VPA Elementary School. Ms. Tappe’s third-grade class spent the morning with us, … read more

Enter Our National Readathon Day Giveaway!

Did you know that the first-ever National Readathon Day will take place this Saturday, January 24? Being the book-lovers that we are, we’re pretty excited for this day set aside to dive into a few good reads. The event was … read more

826LA Is Turning 10, and So Is Jaqueline!

826LA isn’t the only one celebrating a 10th birthday this year. Our student, Jaqueline, who attends After-School Tutoring in Echo Park, celebrated her 10th birthday last month on December 21. “My birthday was fun because I got a cake and … read more

Mentoring Month: A Role Reversal of the Best Kind

I never imagined a student would reassure me of my purpose in life and how I am in the right field. Usually, when we think about a mentor-student bond, the mentor is the one who inspires the student and helps … read more

California Prose Directory, Pt. 2: An Evening of Fiction from the Golden State in Mar Vista on January 31, 2015

In California there is sun all the time and it’s never cold. . . In 1977, the San Joaquin Valley was designated a disaster area. . . Today’s paleo eats: nothing for breakfast, nothing for lunch, nothing for dinner. . . The California Prose … read more

Student Writing: Ryuichiro’s “Chocolate”

Once upon a time, there was a chocolate factory. Also, there was a candy factory. The candy factory turned into a robot. Also, the chocolate factory turned into a robot. Then, the battle started. The chocolate did a chocolate beam. … read more