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#826LACelebratesHistory: Ramiro Suarez’ “Hazard Park”

I come from Boyle Heights, and all my life I’ve heard gunshots, seen people fighting, even seen public vandalism like tagging. Many times I’ve been “hit up” by gang members, sometimes coming straight to my face saying, “Where you from, … read more

Kenny Coronel’s “The Voyage to a Better Life”

Mendez v. Westminster ended segregation in California schools, but in reality we students still see and experience segregation. Immigrant students like us here at Mendez High School still put up with classrooms full of other students trying to find a seat. Also friends of … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: Memoir-Writing

In this week’s Field Trip Book of the Week, we’d like to showcase Mr. Gomez’s 11th grade students from Aspire Ollin University Prep Academy, who came in recently for a Memoir-Writing Field Trip. During their time with us, students wrote … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Azucena Robledo’s “It Was a Beautiful Day to Be Chicanos!”

Robert “Bobby” Verdugo was a leader of the 1968 Walkouts of East Los Angeles. At that time, Bobby was an eighteen-year-old senior at Lincoln High School, with low self-esteem. Teachers put in his mind that he was a failure, that he was stupid, and … read more

Meet 826LA’s Winter Interns in Mar Vista

Learn more about our winter interns below and say hi to them next time you’re in Mar Vista!  Joe Ackerman is a 4th year English major and Geography Minor at UCLA who lives with two cats and three roommates near school. … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Samantha Olmos’ “Beyond the Status Quo”

In the school textbooks that we read, historians and educators don’t go into a deeper context of this particular fight for equality in education, and for citizens. Even though there are many diverse groups of people in Orange County, some might think of only one … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Robert Bustos’ “A Strong United People Can Have Their Voices Heard”

Mr. Garza and Mr. Roura got my attention due to the fact that they were teachers at Mendez and they participated in the Walkouts. Mr. Garza was a freshman student when he walked out. When I was a freshman, I … read more

Meet 826LA’s Winter Interns in Echo Park

Learn more about our winter interns below and say hi to them next time you’re in Echo Park!  Laine Carillo graduated with a degree in German Language and Literature from California State University, Long Beach. On rare gloomy and rainy days … read more

#826LACelebratesHistory: Madison Ramirez’ “Book Covers”

My parents left me when I was six months old. They were drug addicts and alcoholics, and they couldn’t provide for me. My mom is from San Diego, and my dad is from Michoacan. My dad got in trouble with … read more

Volunteer Voices: Julia Rose

At 826LA, we try to be the biggest champions of the awesome work our volunteers do here every day. Julia Rose was one of our most dedicated Field Trips volunteers in Echo Park last fall. During her mornings in the … read more