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Student Writing: Wai Kwan’s “Review for Cafe 826LA”

Review for Cafe 826LA Rating: Zero Stars The restaurant looked “nice” but DO NOT BE FOOLED! Everything was covered in fancy tablecloth, and there was soothing music in the background, but again, DO NOT BE FOOLED! The waiters acted horrible, … read more

Roar Shack: The Truth Will Always Be on August 10, 2014

Join us on August 10 for Roar Shack: The Truth Will Always Be “I talk in a daze, I walk in a maze, I cannot get out….” –Vladimir Nabokov Roar Shack is a collective of writers and artists, and over the coming … read more

Poetry-filled hikes and wild animal adventures

Mar Vista may not seem like the great outdoors, but during Nature Week at826LA’s English-language learner (ELL) Camp, students and volunteers got up close and personal with all of the things that make Los Angeles a great habitat. The week … read more

Read Harder with Sara Gran and Karolina Waclawiak of the Believer on September 19, 2014

“For all their teen-girl fantasy elements, the books are also gritty, raw, and extremely dirty. There is little cynical or formulaic about them. If anything, they are too raw, too revealing of the author’s own obsessions–which, as we’ll see, might … read more

Ingrid made a book about 826LA

Meet Ingrid. She’s been coming to 826LA for almost a year now after watching her cousin (and longtime 826LA student!) Giovanni enjoy after-school tutoring in Venice and now Mar Vista. Ingrid is a prolific jokester and avid reader—you can find … read more

Have you met LA County Arts Intern Emma?

Meet Emma Gantz, the incredible designer who is creating books, invitations, and Time Travel Mart store products for 826LA this summer as our first ever Los Angeles County Arts Intern! Emma is a fourth year Design Media Arts major at UCLA … read more

We’re hiring a Mar Vista Time Travel Mart store clerk

Love time travel and 826LA’s mission? Great! We’re now accepting applications for a new Time Travel Mart clerk in Mar Vista. Successful candidates will be enthusiastic ambassadors for 826LA and the Mar Vista Time Travel Mart and available part-time (1-2 days … read more

Summer Associate Diana dishes about Food Week

With our first two weeks of English-language learner (ELL) Camp tucked neatly under our belts, a couple of AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates have had the chance to breathe, decompress, and unpack all of the learning that’s been happening. Diana, who … read more

Welcome, Mariesa and Daisy

This week, 826LA welcomed two new AmeriCorps VISTA members for the 2014-2015 year! AmeriCorps VISTA, funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service, provides full-time members to nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations, and public agencies to create and … read more

Destiny’s call to action

This summer, English-language learner students are headed to camp: 826LA’s ELL Camp that is! During ELL Camp, students are focusing on building their literary skills. This week, they learned about cause-and-effect relationships and writing persuasive letters. They practiced by discussing … read more