826LA Headlines

Roar Shack Presents: Imaginary Day on November 2, 2014

Join us on November 2 for Roar Shack: Imaginary Day  Roar Shack is a collective of writers and artists, and over the coming months we’re going to bring you voices. Some of us come from fiction, some from memoir, some … read more

Meet Our New Interns in Manual Arts

826LA’s satellite site in Manual Arts Senior High School is fortunate to be working with two wonderful interns this fall. Interns do a ton of work both seen and unseen: from talking with prospective volunteers to leading tutoring sessions, interns … read more

Warby Parker Partners with 826LA for Limited-Edition Activity Book, Sunglasses

We all know that great minds think alike. With that line of thinking, it’s no wonder Warby Parker, a purveyor of stylish eyewear, has joined forces with 826LA in the creation of an activity book and limited-edition sunglasses. Starting today, … read more

Thanks to All Who Made “Time Warp” a Success!

This past Saturday nearly 400 Angelenos came out to The Unique Space to dance the night away for Let’s Do the Time Warp, 826LA’s 10th-anniversary dance-a-thon. Generous supporters had been raising funds since September, and they ultimately brought in more … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “Bob and Super Pumpkin: Their First Adventure (with a Rock Monster and Wishing Fish)”

This installment of our Field Trip Book of the Week series, another brilliant Storytelling & Bookmaking creation, involves both a chubby horse in a spacesuit and an anthropomorphic pumpkin! It was written by Ms. Winklemann’s third graders from Goethe International … read more

Welcome the New Fall Interns at 826LA in Echo Park

826LA in Echo Park is fortunate to be working with seven amazing interns this fall. Interns do a ton of work both seen and unseen: from talking with prospective volunteers to leading tutoring sessions, interns are a truly vital part … read more

Volunteer Voices: Ravi Bhatia

I began volunteering with 826LA in September 2013 after leaving my full-time job. Back then, I knew I wanted to be involved in college preparation in some way — I already tutored students part-time — but I wasn’t sure how … read more

A Blessing in Design: Patrick’s Dance-a-thon Trophies

Long before our “Let’s Do the Time Warp” Dance-a-thon was conceived, artistically inclined volunteer Patrick Diaz had an idea for a three-scene carousel sculpture for 826LA. After countless hours of planning, revising and carving, Patrick is putting the finishing touches … read more

826LA Volunteer Builds Relationship While Building a Home

When he’s not volunteering at 826LA and lending his talents as an illustrator to our field trips program, Patrick Diaz can also be found building homes across the country. During a recent San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity build in … read more

826LA is Turning 10, and So Is Carlos!

826LA isn’t the only one celebrating a 10th birthday this year. Our student, Carlos, who attends after-school tutoring in Mar Vista, just turned 10 on October 4. We talked with the birthday boy about his big day, and he had … read more