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Volunteer Voices: Carolyn Chuang

As part of our Volunteer Voices blog series, 826LA volunteers tell their stories in their own words. This story comes from Carolyn Chuang, an After School Tutoring volunteer in Mar Vista. My journey with 826 began almost 10 years ago … read more

Meet 826LA’s Fall Interns in Mar Vista!

We’re fortunate to welcome a few new faces to the Mar Vista intern team. Interns do a ton of work both seen and unseen: from talking with prospective volunteers to leading tutoring sessions, interns are a truly vital part of … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: The Adventures of the Lasagna

826LA is very excited to bring back our Field Trip Book of the Week series for the 2015-2016 school year! For our first post, we are proud to present a Storytelling & Bookmaking masterpiece written by 4th grade students of … read more

Luchador Manifestos: Reflections on 826LA Summer Camp 2015

“Luchador Manifestos: Reflections on 826LA Summer Camp 2015″ Poets & Writers By Ashaki M. Jackson Septemper 28, 2015 Ashaki M. Jackson is a social psychologist and poet living in Los Angeles who has worked with youth through research, evaluation, and creative … read more

Roar Shack Presents: “We Belong Together” at 826LA in Echo Park on October 11, 2014

Roar Shack is a collective of writers and artists, and over the coming months we’re going to bring you voices. Some of us come from fiction, some from memoir, some from poetry, and from music and performance and just about anything that … read more

Volunteer of the Month: October 2015

From 826LA in Mar Vista: Sylvie Rabineau co-founded Rabineau Wachter in 2000 (which evolved to become The RWSG Literary Agency). Prior to RWSG, Sylvie was an agent at Sanford Gross and Associates, and began her agency career with International Creative Management. She … read more

Time Travel Mart Creative Spotlight: Natalie Delgado

How long have you been involved with 826LA? I recently got involved with 826LA during the summer of 2015. I served as a graphic design intern on behalf of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Internship Program. What is your favorite … read more

The Last Spookstore: A Horror Story Art Show Supporting 826LA

As an ode to the genre that has given us everything from Frankenstein to the Goosebumps, the Last Bookstore has chosen 31 artists to create pieces of art inspired by classic horror stories. The legendary Los Angeles bookstore will be transformed (Dr. … read more

“Life Into Art Into Art” featuring Susan Orlean, Jerry Stahl, Stephen Elliott, and Evan Wright at 826LA in Echo Park on October 17, 2015

Life Into Art Into Art: Memoirs Adapted for Television and Film With Susan Orlean, Jerry Stahl, Stephen Elliott, and Evan Wright Hosted by Derrick C. Brown Join Susan Orlean, Jerry Stahl, Stephen Elliott, and Evan Wright for Life Into Art Into Art, … read more

Student Writing: Isabella’s “I Would Be a Cat”

If you could be one animal for 24 hours, what would you be, and why? I would be a cat for 24 hours because a cat can scratch people and defend itself, but the cat food will taste like dirt! … read more