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Field Trip Book of the Week: “Ava’s Chamber Lockdown”

We are proud to present this latest installment of our Field Trip Book of the Week series: a Storytelling & Bookmaking masterpiece, written by students from MacArthur Park VPA Elementary School. Ms. Tappe’s third-grade class spent the morning with us, … read more

Enter Our National Readathon Day Giveaway!

Did you know that the first-ever National Readathon Day will take place this Saturday, January 24? Being the book-lovers that we are, we’re pretty excited for this day set aside to dive into a few good reads. The event was … read more

826LA Is Turning 10, and So Is Jaqueline!

826LA isn’t the only one celebrating a 10th birthday this year. Our student, Jaqueline, who attends After-School Tutoring in Echo Park, celebrated her 10th birthday last month on December 21. “My birthday was fun because I got a cake and … read more

Mentoring Month: A Role Reversal of the Best Kind

I never imagined a student would reassure me of my purpose in life and how I am in the right field. Usually, when we think about a mentor-student bond, the mentor is the one who inspires the student and helps … read more

Student Writing: Ryuichiro’s “Chocolate”

Once upon a time, there was a chocolate factory. Also, there was a candy factory. The candy factory turned into a robot. Also, the chocolate factory turned into a robot. Then, the battle started. The chocolate did a chocolate beam. … read more

Supporter Spotlight: Meet Susan Ko, Partner in Time

When Susan Ko began volunteering in 2005, 826LA packed its eager students and volunteers into a one-room center in Venice. Now 826LA serves more than 8,000 students each year through its centers in Mar Vista and Echo Park, its school-based site at Manual Arts … read more

Interculturality: A Chan Fellow’s Internship at 826LA

Many months later, as I faced the airport, I was to remember that distant evening when my program coordinator introduce me 826LA and Dave Eggers’s TED talk. Creative, interesting, funny, and a little crazy! That’s the place which I was … read more

Students Cooled Down With Decompression Time in the Fall

Every day, students spend three hours with us in After-School Tutoring. And before they even arrive here, they spend seven or eight hours focusing on learning in school! So we in Mar Vista decided to give them a fun, but … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “Tappy and the Tapping Tap Off Tap Dance Show”

We are proud to present this throwback edition of our Field Trip Book of the Week series: a Storytelling & Bookmaking masterpiece, written by students from Barack Obama Charter School in November 2014. Ms. Leal’s third-grade class from spent the … read more

826LA Intern Returns to the Place She Discovered Her Dream

Jocelyn Mariscal would have never predicted that the place she once visited on a field trip would make her into a published author and an aspiring book editor. Now an 826LA intern at our satellite site at Manual Arts High … read more