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Young authors at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

This Sunday, April 13, some of our city’s youngest authors took to the Hoy Stage at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to read stories that they wrote at 826LA. Westsiders Melisha from Paul Revere Charter Middle School and her … read more

Volunteer Voices: Jaime Fox

This is part of a new feature on the 826LA blog called Volunteer Voices where volunteers tell their stories in their own words. This story comes from field trip volunteer Jaime Fox (the other one): I became involved in 826LA … read more

Powerful Conversations: The Success of the One-on-One Session

Growing up, there were five people I looked up to: my older cousins. “When I grow up I am gonna go to college, and I am gonna go to UCI,” ten-year-old Ana would exclaim. I did go to college, and … read more

Student Writing: “Wise Old Man With ESP’s Horoscopes” by Joon

Aries March 21-20 You will be the greatest dancer in the entire world. Taurus April 21-May 21 You will get a DVD of Star Wards as a gift on Christmas. Gemini May 22-June 21 You will have a lifetime supply … read more

Journalist Cat Vasko interviews journalism student Jason for the 5th Anniversary of 826LA Good Times

In 2008, 826LA opened a writing center and a Time Travel Mart at 1714 West Sunset Blvd in Echo Park. Student programs began immediately, and, by the spring of 2009, we unveiled a weekly journalism workshop. Each week, students came … read more

826LA is recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA members!

826LA is recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA members for the 2014-2015 year! AmeriCorps VISTA members are passionate and committed to their mission to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Members make a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at … read more

826LA worms through Bookfest

This past Saturday, 826LA set up shop at the Grand Park Downtown Bookfest. Writers and readers of all ages crowded the park to talk about books, eat delicious food, and hear from our fabulous community of LA-based authors and publishers. … read more

Round Two for Scholarship Day

It’s not easy waking up early and feeling chipper on a Saturday morning. Add gloomy weather to the equation, and it’s bound to be an incredibly long day. But in the early hours of March 22, 2014, the atmosphere was … read more

Student Writing: Citlali’s “The Operation That Almost Went Wrong”

Guess what happened to me so many years ago? Well, I was exactly two years old, and I was in the hospital. This is how I remember it. I had a machine over my head, and the light was shining … read more

Student Writing: Ivette’s “Munchers”

My creature is a lime green monster with a furless complexion. He is the last of its kind, so of course it is a baby. Since he is a baby monster, it is only fair for my monster to have … read more