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Manual Arts High Decathletes Find Friendship on the Road to Victory

When the Academic Decathlon team enters the College Center at Manual Arts Senior High School, 826LA’s satellite site, it’s as if a group of local heroes has arrived. “Hey, it’s the Aca Deca guys!” one student shouts out. The decathletes … read more

Young Authors’ Book Project Editorial Board Dives Into Their Peers’ Work

The Young Authors’ Book Project transitioned into its second leg in March, when the student Editorial Board at Mendez High School started to work on the editing phase of the process. The fifteen students coming in outside of their required … read more

Student Writing: Sofia’s “Phone Hacking” in Good Times, Vol. 6 Issue 3

Phone hacking is the practice of intercepting telephone calls or voicemail messages, often by accessing the voicemail messages of a mobile phone. Phone hacking is growing as a security issue. Telephone hacking can happen to you anywhere in the world. … read more

826LA and the Writing Factory: An Intern Reflection by Carolina Nolasco

As an intern, I originally came to 826LA to learn how a nonprofit works. But what I found was much more than I could hope for. I found the place I dreamed and wished for as a child, a place … read more

826LA Is Turning 10, and So Is Karina!

826LA isn’t the only one celebrating a 10th birthday this year. Our student, Karina, who just began attending after-school tutoring in Echo Park a month ago, celebrated her 10th birthday on November 5, 2014. “I have to be having fun … read more

“The Worst Movie Ever” Gets a Makeover, with Help from Students

On Saturday, February 14, 826LA was BOOMING with script writers and movie critics. Kids from all ages joined us for a hilarious, yet creative experience as we critiqued and rewrote a film trailer that concluded in redefining “breakfast for dinner” … read more

826LA In-Schools in Profile: University High School

A school rich in history and diversity, University High School in West Los Angeles is home to students from across L.A. and the world. Our global student body represents 47 countries and 31 languages. Full of heart and hope, most … read more

Volunteers of the Month: March 2015

From 826LA in Manual Arts Senior High School: Alexa Aman is a California native, born and raised in Orange County. She is currently a junior at the University of Southern California, where she studies English Literature and Communication Technology. Alexa … read more

Time Travel Mart Creative Spotlight: Jim Newberry

We met up with the talented Mr. Newberry, who has been behind the lens snapping pictures of the Time Travel Mart products for our updated website. Before we get into the nitty gritty, here is some great background on how … read more

Field Trip Book of the Week: “The Apple Screaming at the Moon”

We are proud to present our latest installment of our Field Trip Book of the Week series: a Storytelling & Bookmaking masterpiece written by students of Logan Span School in Echo Park. Ms. Choy’s class of kindergartners spent the morning … read more