826LA goes viral: TakePart TV tours the MVTTM and publishes op-ed about urban kids!

Is It Really Surprising That Kids Learn Better When Someone Pays Attention to Them?“¬†asks a newly-published op-ed by Joel Arquillos, 826LA Executive Director, online at TakePart.com. Joel explains why our model is a proven success in the eyes of teachers, and talks about why he feels “Los Angeles has some of the most capable students in America, but we must give them the undivided attention they need to become creative thinkers and strong communicators.”

Read the whole piece on the biggest challenge students face at http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/01/17/the-biggest-challenge-students-face.

As if this weren’t a great enough week for us on the TakePart network, Brain Food Daily on TakePart TV has two new features that explore both the front and back ends of our center in Mar Vista. “Writing, Tutoring, and Time Travel” has a camera crew exploring our store and showing how the unique retail space that fronts every center in the 826 National network helps communicate who we are. “Tutoring Behind the Scenes” is a fun look at great footage taken from a day in Mar Vista doing after-school tutoring. Both videos feature Marisha Ray in her interviews with staff members Danny Hom and Lauren Rock.


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