Innovative Compilations: Chickens in Love

Baeble Blog (Baeble Music)
Joe Puglisi

May 30, 2012

“Inspired by’s commitment to Trans4m Boyle Heights and the power of music education, we got to thinking how we could highlight the power of musicians to directly inspire kids. When thinking of musicians attaching themselves to a cause, the most obvious method of creating value for charity is to create something for free, and sell it as a benefit to an organization. We’ve seen charity compilations hundreds of time, some great, some cheesy, but all in the name of good will — and some have not only left an impact on the charitable organizations they benefit, but on us as well by connecting up emotionally to a cause (whether explicitly or just by association). Today we’d like to highlight one of our favorite albums to create positive social impacts in supporting the children of a community.”

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