Order our new chapbook on what to do with a million dollars (and more great literature) in the 826LA store

826LA student Edgar shows off a chapbook, printed in-house and signed by author Jeff Kinney.

We recently reported on the release of Then I Will Build a Pool of Money and Dive Into It, 826LA in Venice’s newest collection of students writing. It’s certainly not the only thing our after-school students have to show for their time this year: 826LA centers have worked on more than half a dozen books in 2011-2012.

As our online retail operation continues to grow, we’re pleased to offer you more opportunities to buy Clutterbuck Miraculous Hair Tonic and milk for your household robot. After all, if we didn’t have a smashing selection of time travel supplies, what kind of a Time Travel Mart would we be?

But you can also buy products of a more, well, intellectual nature through the EPTTM, and we’re pleased to have Then I Will Build a Pool of Money and Dive Into It and other custom-designed publications like Books in Their Big Limos: Stories of Books in Space Bumper Cars and Books in HotelsButterfly, Butterfly, Fly Away With Your Butter, and In the Morning and in the Night Too: An Expo Guide from 7th Street to the Westside. Not only can you browse beautiful covers in the lush screen light of your browser, you can post online book reviews and recommend your favorite parts of the 826LA bibliography to friends!

Check out the sales page for Venice’s Then I Will Build a Pool of Money and Dive Into It at this link, and feel free to contact our Store Coordinator if you have questions about the availability of older student publications (some of which might be temporarily out of print). While you’re shopping online, you’ll definitely want to take a look at our new literary map of Los Angeles.


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