Student Writing Wednesday: Street Vending Now Legal in Los Angeles

#TBT to 826LA Student Writing Advocating Change in the Past.

Raise your cups of agua fresca and make a toast to a positive future for Los Angeles street vending, an important practice significant to the culture of Los Angeles and the livelihood of many immigrants and low income residents. On November 28th, Los Angeles City Council voted on new regulations legalizing street vending in response to the signing of Senate Bill 946 in September 2018. In light of the new city ordinance, we are re-sharing books published by 826LA students on the subject of street vending.

In 2013, students received help from 826LA volunteers to publish a book inspired by interviews with real vendors called, Giving Voice to the Voiceless. It was sent to the LA City Council to advocated the legalization of the practice that, at times, brought danger to businesses set up to support families. The following year, They Were Shining With Ambition was published on the same topic.


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